Managed Services

The world of Information Technology is evolving in an exponential rate—and with it, so does the maintenance required to keep it functioning at its full potential. Through Remote Management & Monitoring technology, we can provide most management services remotely, helping to keep your data safe, your systems running smoothly, and your business running.

IT Management

We take an active approach to IT management. By providing constant maintenance and monitoring, we can make sure that your systems are constantly up-to-date and secure, catching most potential issues before they have a chance to disrupt your work flow.

Monitoring & Reporting

We believe that you should never be kept in the dark about your IT services. To help you keep apprised of what we’ve been doing with your systems, we will send you regular reports about what we’ve been up to, proving to you the value of our management services.

Anti-Virus & Malware Security

With hacking, ransomware, and malware becoming more common, keeping your anti-virus and malware security up to date is more important than ever. With our security management and maintenance services, we make sure that your security software is always up to date and fully functional.

Off-Site Support

Through screen sharing, remote sessions, and remote access technology, we can walk you through and resolve most problems without having to step foot in your office. Additionally, we offer a 24/7 emergency help line to make sure that any problems you encounter are resolved as quickly as possible—even if those problems occur at 3AM on a holiday.

On-Site Support

If necessary, we can arrange to have IT support staff on-site to perform physical maintenance to your systems as scheduled or as needed. Additionally, in the rare cases where an IT problem cannot be fixed remotely, emergency on-site support is available, and included in certain service plans.

Backups & Recovery

Regular off-site backups are an integral part of data security. To ensure that your data can survive any catastrophe, we can set up off-site backup servers, schedule and run regular automated system backups, and perform data recovery when necessary.

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